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Engineering | Water and Environmental Technology Center (WET)

Legionella, Mycobacterium & E. coli detected in Arizona source water

Plaque forming assay for the detection of freshwater algal viruses

Cell culture for the detection of infectious animal viruses

Advanced Oxidation Processes for contaminant mitigation

Cryptosporidium detection using epifluorescence microscopy

Mission Statement:

The National Science Foundation Water & Environmental Technology Center at Arizona State University was established to promote scientific research that will ensure the quality of water by pooling the resources of the university and industry. The Center’s research program addresses the following areas:

  1. Environmental microbiome & public health
  2. Pathogen inactivation and removal technologies
  3. Microbial detection methodologies
  4. Microbial fate and transport to subsurface
  5. Taste, odor, arsenic and DBPs removal
  6. Water reuse and ground water recharge
  7. Environmental toxicology and ecological health